Mono Adhesive Club

Mono Adhesive Refill Club

As a card designer, scrapbooker, and a craft junkie in general I have found that I am always grabbi
Mono Adhesive Refill

ng for my Mono Adhesive! I use it for everything. It is great for assembling cards, because it’s so permanent that I never have to worry about them falling apart. It’s perfect for scrapbooking, too, because it's acid-free. Really the only problem is when you've used it up -- you can never find refills on the shelf because the stores are always sold out!

Now, you never have to worry about that again...

Introducing the Mono Adhesive Refill Club

Get 3 permanent refills delivered right to your door every other month. You only pay for the cartridges, Shipping and handling (S&H) is free*. Plus, in each package you’ll receive a free unmounted rubber stamp! Sign up today, and we’ll send your first shipment right out. Your credit card will be charged $14.00. Further shipments will be sent out automatically, every two months, on the first Wednesday of the month. You may cancel your membership at anytime, just send in the cancellation card within 30 days of receipt.



Remember, this is a refill club. If you don’t have a Mono Adhesive Dispenser, you will need to order one of those as well in order to use your refills.

* Free S&H applies to United States orders only. Canada and Mexico S&H charges are $4.25. For all other countries, S&H charges are $5.25. Orders shipped to Nebraska will be charged sales tax.

Or, purchase our Mono Adhesive supplies singly!