Distress Oxides of the Month

Update: Click here to visit the form where you can enter all of the distress oxides you own, don't want, and need.

Distress Oxides have become our go-to ink when creating cards. Whether stamping our images, creating fun backgrounds or even water coloring with it, it never fails to give us an amazing result.

Tim Holtz just announced the fifth set of Distress Oxide colors. We have our order placed with the distributor, but as we were setting up the newest collection in our online shop, we realized that $72 isn't something everyone is willing to pay especially a new crafter who isn't sure how much he or she wants to invest in this hobby or someone who hasn't used Distress Oxides.

How about a club where you get a couple colors at a time?
We are starting with the new colors that no one has while we add a section to our rental website where anyone can track the distress oxides they own. Once we're out of new colors, we'll start checking the online list for our subscribers to know which colors they need and which they don't.

And you're not just getting Distress Oxides. The monthly shipment will include:

Two colors of Distress Oxides
Two Mini Blending Foam Pads
A Cling-Mounted Stamp

The combined retail value for what you'll receive each month is $20.68. For the low monthly subscription rate of $9.99 plus $5.00 shipping, you're paying less what it would cost to buy only the two ink pads and having them shipped each month.

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Update: Click here to visit the form where you can enter all of the distress oxides you own, don't want, and need.

We set up a form so we won't duplicate colors that you already own. Even if you aren't a subscriber, feel free to fill out the form and use it to track. You can easily pull up the website when you're on the go and avoid grabbing something you don't need. 


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How it works:

When you sign up, we'll get a notification. We'll ship the starter kit to you right away.

Starter Kit:
Two Distress Oxide Stamp Pads
One Mini Blending Tool
Two Blending Foam Pads
One Cling Stamp

Yes, your starter kit is valued at $24.17! Save over $10.00 off retail!

Each month we receive your subscription payment, we'll send you the basic package automatically. You don't have to do anything.

You're not locked in to a contract. Stay as long as you like.

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