About us

We are a family run business. Working together, we get things done.

Sabrina's the insatiable crafter. One day she'll have ink on her fingers, the next day it's paint. On the really bad days, her fingers are stuck together with glue! She makes the stamps, runs the website and runs marketing.

The rest of the family is support staff jumping in to help complete orders, fill envelopes and slap on shipping labels. The baby makes sure everyone is stocked on sloppy kisses and sticky hugs.

We are good friends with the Lieskes who started Victorine Originals. Our goal is to run it in a way to make Victorine and Charles happy that she sold the business to us.

We're based out of Central City, Nebraska. We are proud members of our chamber and adore our small community.

Telephone: 308-946-9837

Email: sabrina@victorineoriginals.com