Ribbon of Cans (2442-D)
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Ribbon of Cans (2442-D)

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Who's getting married? Announce it to the world with this Ribbon of Cans (and shoes!) stamp.

The “Molds and Negative” option is for buying the mold we use to make the stamp and the metal negative used to make new molds. That option is NOT a stamp.

For this design, we have 2 molds and one metal negative. All are included in the price.

This design is approximately 3.2" (w) x 1.1" (h).


We have one indexing stamp listed. What is an indexing stamp? An indexing stamp is a blank created to stamp the back of wood for making wood mounted stamps. We have since gone to stickers for our wood mounted stamps so our craft store customers can have a barcode to scan. Now we have thousands of used, but good wood mounted stamps that need a new home. If you love wood stamps, leave it mounted. If you like cling-mounted stamps, it's fast and easy to un-mount your stamps from wood and place on a material like EZ Mount Cushion.


***Please note: If you purchase several indexing stamps at a time, there may be an additional shipping charge that would need to be paid before we mail your order. This is a case by case basis dependent upon actual shipping costs.


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